RackNerd 2024农历新年优惠套餐
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春节期间收到 RackNerd 的邮件,希望推广最新的农历新年优惠套餐,邮件信息如下:

We’re excited to announce the rollout of our special deals in celebration of the Lunar New Year — Year of the Dragon! As you are a registered affiliate with RackNerd, we recognize and appreciate the hard work you invest in sharing our offers, so we’re eager to highlight our most recent promotions for you. To start generating residual income immediately, make sure to embed your affiliate details into the order links. Each of our new deals is distinctive, featuring a variety of deployment locations to cater to a wide range of preferences.

As a registered affiliate with RackNerd, this is your golden opportunity to share these deals within your community! Our deals are exceptionally attractive and tend to sell very fast. By simply sharing our offers within your community, you can effortlessly earn revenue. All you need to do is direct traffic to us; we’ll take care of maintaining the relationship with your referrals. Thanks to our historically low churn rate, we boast high customer retention, which means consistent, residual income for you. It’s a win-win situation: your referrals get great deals, and you earn revenue!

个人使用 RackNerd 有三个月了,个人感觉服务器还算稳定,连接比较快速。所以这次也帮忙推荐一下给大家,有感兴趣的小伙伴可以选购。


CPU 内存 SSD 带宽 月流量 年付 购买
1核 1G 15G SSD 1Gbps 2000G $10.99 链接
1核 1.5G 25G SSD 1Gbps 4000G $16.88 链接
2核 2.5G 38G SSD 1Gbps 6000G $23.88 链接



RackNerd 2023年黑五优惠 VPS 测评


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